Jonathan Robinson in the NY Times

One of the artists we represent was recently featured in the New York Times!

Jonathan Robinson – the featured artist – is originally from the US, but has lived in France for many years. His studio is in a converted mill called the Moulin Bregeon in a remote but stunning region of the Loire valley. In addition to studio space, he uses the mill as a guest house, which was the main focus of the article. Robinson focuses on oil paintings, as well as large scale pastel works. While the pastels are interesting to me* it is his paintings that really shine in my eyes. Many of them are small and intimate in scale and named after his neighbors. There is just something so charming about the combination of bold color and the antique human characters in period dress.

*Robinson’s pastels are larger than life and initially rendered in exquisite detail. He then brushes back over them, to obscure the details, in a process analogous to forgetting a memory. What was once crisp is now a little bit blurry around the edges, but no less beautiful for it.

In this picture of his studio from the Times’ slide show, many of the works shown are now exhibited in our gallery.

Follow this link to read the article:

or follow this link to see the Moulin Bregeon web page:


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