Tadd Myers Photos. Yum.

From Garden & Gun Magazine:

Lost Arts

A new series of photographs by Tadd Myers serves as a beautiful reminder that some folks still believe in making things the old-fashioned way—slowly, and with love. The Dallas-based photographer has been documenting these artisans throughout Texas, people like Vince Pawless in Gainesville, who builds mesquite-wood guitars the same way they were crafted a century ago. Or Carl Chappell in Saint Jo, who spends as much as sixty hours to create one pair of his custom-made cowboy boots. Myers calls the project A Portrait of the American Craftsman.

He shot some 7,000 photos in total, paring them down to the hundred or so that he introduced at a reception in Dallas last spring. He is now seeking out artisans from around the country, and hopes to produce a coffee-table book in the near future.  For Myers, spending time with his subjects has been an inspiration. “It’s amazing how truly passionate they are about what they do, every one of them,” he says. “I think we can all learn some lessons from that.”



3 responses to “Tadd Myers Photos. Yum.

  1. I LOVE this post! Oh, & I’m loving the storefront as of late (especially the pom-poms)! It’s always so beautiful & lovely to walk by. Thanks for making Chapel Hill that much more beautiful!

  2. Stunning issue, didn’t thought reading this was going to be so interesting when I klicked at your title.

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