Netherland Zoopers!


I have two handmade dolls on my bed right now. The doll on the left is something I have had for so long, I don’t remember where I got it. If you look closely, you can see she is holding another  little  doll on her chest.

The blue elephant on the right was a gift from my God-mother, Magoo. It was made by artist, Boeke Meyer, in Dordrecht, Netherlands. She  calls her creations “zoopers.”

Here is what Maggie said about the Zoopers:

“There was a woman’s artist co-op a few doors down from my first house in the Netherlands.  Billy & I would walk by at night and see Boeke’s lastest creations and then of course we would have to buy them.  Billy loved monkeys and Boeke did a lot of monkeys. These come from circa 1990 and as far as I know now Boeke doesn’t make them any more and the ones at the shop are the last of their breed.”


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