Our Lovely Store





142 East Franklin Street (off S. Colombia)
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Gallery (919) 942 3339
Fax (919) 942 3340



Monday – Saturday : 10am – 6pm
Sunday : 12pm – 5pm

interior shot w cards





3 responses to “Our Lovely Store

  1. As an interior landscape designer that provides design & decor, installation and maintenance services of organically propagated and raised flowering and non-flowering plants and locally crafted artwork and sculpture, I am inspired and moved by the Kiki Smith & Valerie Hammond advertisement in Vision of Chapel Hill 2009. If you may be interested in becoming a contributor of artwork for Artistry In Plants, please contact me. Wendi

  2. ohmygoodness…this is so round-a-bout, but i found your blog from a post on designsponge (the fabulous reupholstered couch)…and after reading through a little bit, realized i’ve been to your shop! this past year i was back in nc, and in chapel hill with some friends and we were on franklin street. i remember your store, and i loved everything in it. i’m so glad i came across your blog! small world.
    best wishes!

    • oooh. how cool is that??
      so glad to know you were in. Now there’s an example of coming “full circle.” he he.
      You’re blog is pretty nice, i must say.
      Thanks for the note!

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